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Why choose Solar Energy as your primary power source?

1. Truly Renewable energy Source.

Solar energy is the most abundant source of power in the world, and it is renewable. It shines down on our planet every single day. With such incredible potential, it would be irresponsible to make complete use of this source.

2. Energy demands for an Entire Year in Just One Hour

The Sunlight that falls on the planet for one hour is capable of meeting the global energy needs for one year.

3. Solar PV Panels do not require direct sunlight

Solar panels are 40-50% efficient on a cloudy day, which means they continue to generate power. With various technologies available in the market like power optimizers and micro-inverters, one can improve the performance even during overcast weather conditions.

4.Solar Panels In India Face South

In India, and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, solar panels all face south as the sun will always be along the southern part of the sky. The Solar Panels are tilted towards the south based on the latitude of the location. If you live in the southern hemisphere, then the solar panel should be facing North.

5. Solar Plants Are Designed to Last

Typically, when a solar PV plant is commissioned, the power purchase agreement(PPA) you sign lasts for 25 years. These agreements are between the consumer and the utility grid supplier.

Even though the solar PV panels' performance warranty is for 25 years, they will continue to function beyond this.

But with emerging PV technologies, the efficiencies of Solar Panels will only continue to improve, and one can consider a new setup post completion of the PPA period.

6. Battery Technology Improvements Mean Solar Energy 24/7

One of the significant concerns with a Solar PV System is that there is no generation during the night. With the latest battery technology improvements, excess energy from your solar panels can be collected during the day, stored in batteries and used when there is no sunlight available.

7. Minimal Maintenance Costs

Solar PV systems require very little day-to-day maintenance. They come with minimal maintenance costs for the entire duration of their operation.


The bottom line is that solar is booming around the world, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. A Solar PV Plant can reduce your energy requirements from the utility and make you self-sufficient. Depending upon your need, there are many choices available in the market.

  1. On-Grid Solar PV System

  2. Off-Grid Solar PV Systems

  3. Hybrid Solar PV Systems


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